iconopdf MBA-3101 : CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR - Syllabus


Maximum Marks: 100

Semester Examination: 70

Internal Assessment: 30



Consumer behavior: Scope, importance and interdisciplinary nature. Marketing concept,societal marketing concept, social responsibility and ethics in marketing. The consumer research process, quantitative and qualitative research.


Consumer decision-making process: Routinised response, limited and extensive problemsolving behavior. Howard-Sheth, Engell, Kollat-blackwell and Nicosia models of consumerdecision-making. Consumer gifting behavior. Relationship marketing.


Consumer perception: Absolute and differential threshold, subliminal perception. Perceptualselection, organization and interpretation. Consumer learning: Motivation, cues, response and reinforcement. Behavioral learning andcognitive learning theories. Attitude formation and change: What is attitude and its formation. Cognitive dissonancetheory and attribution theory.Personality and consumer behavior : Nature of personality, Freudian, Neo-freudian and traittheories. Role of personality in understanding consumer diversity. Personality and brand personification. Self-image, Vanity and consumer behavior


Influence of reference groups – Friendship, Work, Celebrity and family. Impact of social class, culture, subculture and cross-cultural factors on consumer behavior. The process of opinion leadership and motivation behind opinion leadership.

Suggested Readings:

1. Leon G.Schiffman & Leslie Lazar Kannk,  Consumer Behaviour, Prentice-Hall of India

2. Reynolds & Wells: Consumer Behaviour – Mcgraw Hill, International.

3. James F.Ingel Roger.D. & Blackwell – Consumer Behaviour – Dryden Press

4. S.C.Mehta – Indian Consumers – Tata McGraw Hill

iconopdf MBA-3101 : CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR - Syllabus


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