Maximum Marks: 100

Semester Examination: 70

Internal Assessment: 30



Production and Operations Management- an overview; Nature and scope of Production/ Operations Management; Historical perspective of Operations Management; Operations as a System:- Continuous and Intermittent production system, flow, batch and job type of production; Operations strategy and elements of operations strategy; Facility location: Factors affecting plant location, Brown and Gibson Model of plant location


Manufacturing systems and layouts: Product, Process and cellular layouts, layout planning and Analysis; Production Process Planning and Design: factors affecting process design; Concept of Line Balancing; Production Planning and Control – An overview; types of Production Planning and Control; Aggregate planning:- Concept, strategies and costs


Master Production Scheduling (MPS): objectives and procedure for developing master production schedule; Materials Management: An overview; Basic concepts of Material Handling; Material Planning and Inventory Control; Inventory Control: Costs and objectives; Inventory control techniques ; ABC Analysis: Just in Time(JIT); Materials Requirement Planning (MRP); Economic Order Quantity Model (E.O.Q with deterministic Demand) and practical problems on EOQ.


Quality Management and Quality Assurance: Statistical process control–Control Charts for Attributes and Variables; Acceptance sampling: – Concept and significance; Total Quality Management (TQM) ; ISO-9000- Concept and Significance; Value Engineering:- Basic Concepts; Maintenance Management – Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance; Purchase Management and Purchasing Procedure;

Note:-The list of cases and specific references will be announced by the concerned faculty in the class at the time of launching of the course.

Suggested Readings:

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