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Learn How to Convert your Jammu and Kashmir Bank Account Number into 16 digits

There are many instances where you need to use the 16 digit version of your Jammu and Kashmir Bank Account number. 16 digit Account Number is a unique ID that contains information about your Branch, Account Type and Account Number. Most of the people like LPG subscribers these days, have to visit their respective branches to know their “16-digit” account number. Today, let us teach you how to convert your account number into 16 digits.

1. If your account number looks like SB6754, use “6754” in the field below.

2. If your account number looks like SB 254/25, use only “254” in the field below. The number after “/” is the ledger number that JK bank used while operating manually.

3. If your account number looks like 04010 – 5345, use only “5345”.

The 16 digit account number comprises of three parts:

  1. Digit 1-4 : Service Outlet ID(Sol ID) : This is a four digit code that is unique for each branch. Click here to know the Sol ID of your branch.
  2. Digit 5-9 : GL Head : These five digits represent the type of account that you possess i.e., saving, current, car loan, home loan, etc. Click here to know the GL head list of Jammu and Kashmir bank.
  3. Filling in Zeroes: 0’s are put in to make the sequence 16 digit long.
  4. Actual Account Number: This is the account number that you generally remember like Sb5624, CD253 or SOD32 .

Lets sort that out with an example.

If I have to find out 16 digit account number of my saving account 198652 at Jammu and Kashmir Bank B/U Khanyar, Srinagar, I will follow the following procedure:

B/U Khanyar, Srinagar has SOL ID “0101“. So, my account will start like this:


Since, my account type is Saving bank Account, GL head Code for it is “04010”, continue building up the number:


Last six digits of my account should be “198652”.


 Replace rest of the *’s with 0s.


If you want to know the details of your branch like IFSC, MICR, IBR and address, you should try Know details of your J&K Bank Account Number.

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