Kashmir University Logo Date Sheets for IMBA 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester Examinations

Date Sheets for IMBA 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester Examinations

Day & Date IMBA –1st semester  IMBA – 3rd semester IMBA –5th semester  IMBA – 7th semester 
07-03-2015 (Saturday)  IMBA14101CR  (Principles of Management)  / IMBA-101 (Fundamentals of Mgmt) OFF OFF OFF
09-03-2015 (Monday) OFF IMBA-301 Managerial Costing OFF OFF
11-03-2015 (Wednesday)  IMBA14102CR (Financial Accounting / IMBA-104 Basic Accounting OFF OFF OFF
12-03-2015 (Thursday) OFF OFF OFF  IMBA-701 Business Marketing
13-03-2015 (Friday)  OFF OFF IMBA- 503 Principles of Mgmt Accounting OFF
14-03-2015 (Saturday)  OFF IMBA-304 Operations Research OFF OFF
16-03-2015 (Monday)  IMBA14103CR (Managerial Economics) / IMBA-102  Managerial Economics OFF OFF  IMBA-702 Sales & Distribution Mgmt
17-03-2015 (Tuesday) OFF OFF IMBA-502 Basic Business Environment OFF
18-03-2015 (Wednesday) OFF IMBA-303 Entrepreneurship & Ethics OFF OFF
19-03-2015 (Thursday)  OFF OFF OFF IMBA- 703 Strategic Management
20-03-2015 (Friday)    OFF OFF IMBA-501 International Business OFF
23-03-2015 (Monday)  IMBA14104 EA (Computer App in Mgmt / IMBA-105  Computer App in Mgmt OFF OFF OFF
24-03-2015 (Tuesday)  OFF OFF OFF  IMBA- 704 Money and Capital Market
25-03-2015 (Wednesday)  OFF OFF IMBA- 504 Consumer Behaviour OFF
26-03-2015 (Thursday)   OFF IMBA-302 Direct Tax Planning OFF OFF
27-03-2015 (Friday) OFF OFF OFF  IMBA- 706 Information System for Business Organizations
30-03-2015 (Monday)  OFF OFF IMBA- 505 DBMS OFF
31-03-2015 (Tuesday)  IMBA14105 EA (Business Communication /IMBA-103  Communication Skills OFF OFF OFF
01-04-2015 (Wednesday)   OFF IMBA-305 Data Comm & Networking OFF OFF
02-04-2015 (Thursday) OFF OFF OFF  IMBA- 705 Programming in C
04-04-2015 (Saturday)   OFF IMBA-306 Environmental Science OFF OFF
Centre of Examination
Students Enrolled in   Centre of Examination 
The Business School,  UOK The Business School,  UOK
North Campus, Delina, Baramulla North Campus, Delina, Baramulla

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