Kashmir University Logo University of Kashmir: Maintenance of Zero incidence of Ragging within the campuses'

University of Kashmir: Maintenance of Zero incidence of Ragging within the campuses’

It gives us immense pleasure to appreciate the role and cooperation extended by Deans/Heads/Directors of Faculties / Departments/ institutes in maintaining the record of zero incidence of ragging within University of Kashmir. The co-operation extended by our students, faculty members and non teaching staff in this behalf is equally laudable’ Worth to emphasize, however, the monitoring efforts to curb the menace of ragging have to be a continuous process in an educational institution commanding high public image.

Our senior students hive already vowed to eradicate the menace of ragging within the campuses. However to prevent unscrupulous elements from disturbing our zero record of ragging in future, we all have to remain highly conscious and vigilant.

May I inform that the cognizance of any event occurring within the department premises has to be taken by the learned Head of the Department concerned as envisaged under the norms. So I request all my colleagues to remain highly proactive to curb this menace.
We solicit whole hearted support from every stakeholder.

Dr. Naseer Iqbal
Chief Proctor

For any event of Ragging, the following helpline Cell No’s can be contacted;

  1. 9419079191 – Dr, Naseer Iqbal (Chief Proctor)
  2. 9419095088 –  Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Wani (Deputy Chief Proctor)
  3. 9697009080 – Mr. Gh. Hassan(Chief Security Officer)
  4. 8713844444 – Er. Riyaz Ahmad Qureshi (Proctor)
  5. 9419968s39 – Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan (Proctor)
  6. 9596284966 – Dr. Javid Ahmad (Proctor)
  7. 9796766672 – Dr. Saima Farhad ( Proctor)
  8. 9906531221 – Mr. Junaid Alam ( Proctor)

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