TTUM Ultimate Version – Debit/Credit, Particulars, Reference, Instruments and Flow IDs

In this era of digital banking and time constraints, it is always a last resort to enter transactions manually in finacle. With technology at our disposal, we can upload transaction to finacle at a click of few keys. The information uploaded being 100% accurate and error free, this gives us enough time to look into other aspects of banking other than manual transactions.

We are happy to announce that our expert team has created a Aeiro TTUM (Template Transaction Upload Maintenance) – Ultimate Version application for you. Here are few features of this app.

  1. Can Upload 16 Digit Account numbers.
  2. Individual entry Debit/Credit Option Available.
  3. Can take unique Particulars for each entry.
  4. Can take unique Reference Number for each entry. (May be used for auto selecting entries in pointing accounts).
  5. Can take Instrument Ids, Instrument Numbers and Instrument Dates. (e.g., you can upload multiple cheques, DDs and other receipts all at once.)
  6. Can take individual Flow Ids (Helpful in uploading transactions for Loan accounts – e.g., DISBT, CHRGS, etc).

Version 3 is available absolutely free on our website here.

This Version is available at a price of Rs. 500/- Rs. 200/- (60% off) Email: me @ c a q i b .com for more information or call on 7298176060 for purchase inquiries.

You can also request Custom Changes in the App (14/15 Digit Account Number, Value Dated Transactions, etc) by contacting our Expert Here.

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