TTUM v3B – Finacle – Transfer Transaction Upload Maintenance for 14 digit Account Number

[note]Updated on 17 May 2016[/note]

Holla bankers!

If you are a banker using Finacle Core Banking Solution from Infosys, this post might interest you. There are certain instances where you need to credit thousands of accounts at a time such as crediting salaries to a department employees, crediting wages to huge list of workers, etc. On other instances, you may need to debit many accounts for quarterly service charges. There’s no need to worry. Finacle has a menu by which you can upload transaction details to its database and it will auto create a transaction for you.

You need to create a “.txt” file which should contain the entries in following format:

      • Account Number: 0-14, 14 digits (Left Justified)
      • Currency: 17-19, 3 digits (e.g., INR, GBP left Justified)
      • SOL ID: 20-27, 8 digits (Left Justified)
      • Transaction Type: 28-28, 1 digit (C for Credit/D for Debit)
      • Amount: 29-45 14,2 digit (14 no.’s before decimal, Right justified)
      • Particulars: 46-75, 30
      • Blank Space: 76-181
      • At 181, put a dot “.”

This seems to be a hectic process but don’t worry, we have got a solution for you. All you need is to ask the customer for an excel file containing 16 digits account number* and amount in separate columns. Our TTUM File Converter will do the rest for you.

TTUM File Converter is a macro-enabled excel file that has three columns: 14 digit account number column, Amount column and Credit(C) / Debit(D) column.Version 2 contains fourth column “Particulars“. Version 3 contains fifth column “Remarks”. Once you enter these five columns, it auto populates number of debit/credit entries and amount. It will create a text file by name “ttum.txt” in C:/transfer folder that can then be uploaded to finacle to complete the transaction. You need to go through following steps in finacle to complete the transaction.

      • Enter menu FILETR or TFFP (contact data centre for help)
      • Enter menu TTUM to enter other particulars.

TTUM file converter is available here for download.

Version 3 is out (12/3/2015)[note] Changelog:

      • Now you can add Particulars/Remarks of each transaction separately.(Much Awaited)


Version 3B (14 digit Accounts)

Version 3 (16 digit Accounts):

Version 2:

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