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Maximum Marks: 100

Semester Examination: 70

Practical: 30

Internal Assessment: 30


  • Introduction to computers, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of computers, Block diagram and working,
  • Evolution(Generations) and classification of computers( Mini, Micro etc),
  • Common I/O devices and their characteristics.
  • Primary and secondary memory: RAM and ROM, Hard Disk, Magnetic Tape, Optical devices, Flash memories.
  • Computer software: Classification and Types, Generations of computer languages.

  • Operating System: Functions, types- Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing, Timesharing, Real time, Online and Batch Systems, Booting process.
  • Windows environment basics:- Desktop, Common Start menu options.
  • DBMS Basic Concepts: Entity, Attributes, Keys, Relationship, Association, Database, DBMS, Data Independence, Three Level Architecture, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages of DBMS.
  • Relational Algebra – Union, Difference, Intersection, Cartesian Product, Projection, Selection, Join, Division,
  • Relational Data Base Design – Various Database Dependencies, Database Anomalies.

  • Computer and communication networks, Evolution of computer networks, LAN, MAN, WAN, Network topologies , Modes of Data communication
  • Wired Media of Data communication: STP, UTP, Coaxial, Fiber optic wires.
  • Wireless Medium Technologies: VSAT, Microwaves, Bluetooth, WIFI
  • Internet Basics: ISP, Web server, Web Browser, Domain names, Email, Mail server, search engine, web portal, other internet common terms

  • Microsoft Word-File Handling, File Creation Retrieval, Saving & Printing, Edit Commands. Formatting- Paragraphs, Documents, Headers, Footers. Working with Tables. Inserting Graphics & Text Boxes, Advanced Functions- Mail Merge, Macro.
  • Microsoft Excel- Creation of Spread Sheet Applications Using Worksheets & Work Books. Data Entry-Formatting, Editing, In built Functions, Working with GraphicsDesigning Charts, Graphs using Spread Sheets.
  • Introduction to Power point

Suggested Readings:
1. Introduction to Information Technology, ITL education solutions, Pearson.
2. Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow by Morley and Parker, Cengage
3. Introduction to Computer science, ITL education solutions, Pearson.
4. MS-Office 2007, step by step, Pearson.

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