JKSSB Notification | Syllabus for Post of Assistant Scientific Officer (Lie detector)

Jammu & Kashmir Services Selection Board

Assistant Scientific Officer (Lie detector)

Multiple Choice Based Written test

Reference Guidelines and Syllabus 120 Marks/120 Minutes

UNIT I – Marks 15

  • Nature and Scope of Criminology
  • Legal and Sociological Concepts of Crime

UNIT II – Marks 30

Major Historical and Contemporary Theories of Crime Causation:

  • Pre-classical, Classical and Neo-classical Theories
  • Theories of Criminality: Biological Approaches
  • Theories of Criminality: Psychological Approaches
  • Theories of Criminality: Sociological Approaches
    1. Home and Family in relation to Crime
    2. Mass Media and Crime
    3. Theory of Differential Association
    4. Multiple Factor Approach to Crime Causation

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UNIT III – Marks 25

  1. Evolution, Nature and Theories of Punishment
  2. Kinds of punishment with special emphasis on Imprisonment and capital Punishments

Unit-IV Marks: 25

  1. Prison System in India
  2. Police System in India

Unit-V Marks: 25

  1. Prevention and Control of Crimes and Delinquency
  2. Recidivism: Causes and Prevention
  3. Drug Addiction
    1. i)  Extent, Causes and Effects
    2. ii)  Control of Drug Addiction

4. Narco analysis and Lie Detector Tests: Constitutional Perspectives

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