JKSSB VARIOUS POSTS JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Supervisor in Social Welfare Department

JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Supervisor in Social Welfare Department

Post Name: Supervisor
Multiple Choice Based Written test
Reference Guidelines and Syllabus
120 Marks/120 Minutes

Unit 1 (12 Marks)

1. Society, Community, Association
2. Social Stratification: Caste, Class and Social Stratification in India.
3. Social Institutions: Norms, Values, Folkways and Mores
4. Marriage, Kinship and Family

Unit 2 (12 Marks)

1. Gender inequality and Issues.
2. Stages and Theories of Human Development (Freud, Erikson,)
3. Socialization and its Theories
4. Anxiety Disorders: Phobia, OCD, GAD, Panic Disorder, PTSD

Unit 3 (12 Marks)

1. Theories of Economics Development
2. Indicators of Social Development
3. Population Growth Issues and Challenges
4. Rural Development Programmes (1990 words)

Unit 4 (12 Marks)

1. United Nations Organization: Structure and function
2. Non Alignment Movement and its Genesis
3. Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties and Directive principle of State Policy
4. Democracy, Liberty, Equality and Justice

Unit 5 (12 Marks)

1. Panchayati Raj System
2. Social Networking and its impact
3. Basic Computer Applications (Elementary knowledge)
4. Macdonalisation and its effect

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Unit 6 (12 Marks)

1. Concept of social work: Philanthropy and Charity
2. Social work and its Relation with other Disciplines
3. Social Religious Movements

Unit 7 (12 Marks)

1. Hindu Reform Movement
2. Land Reform Movement in Kashmir
3. Major Peasant and Tribal Movements
4. Spread of Modern Education

Unit 8 (12 Marks)

1. Human right: Concept and Evolution
2. Universal Declaration of Human rights
3. Women Rights
4. Child Rights

Unit 9 (12 Marks)

1. Poverty and Unemployment
2. Population Explosion, Global Warming and Climate Change
3. Drug Addiction, Child Abuse, Delinquency
4. Trafficking, Beggary, Corruption.

Unit 10 (12 Marks)

1. Female foeticide and infanticide
2. Child and Women Welfare Schemes
3. Old age and Disability Schemes.
4. Health and Family Welfare Programmes

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