JKSSB VARIOUS POSTS JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Nursing and Para-Medical Staff/ Technical Assistant/ Technician

JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Nursing and Para-Medical Staff/ Technical Assistant/ Technician

Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board has advertised various Posts via Notifications 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 of 2019. Syllabus for the Post of Junior Staff Nurse is given as Under:

  • Anatomy and Physiology, Public Health & Hygiene,
    • Elementary Physics and Chemistry
    • Characteristics of living matter
    • The structure of living matter
    • The Tissues
    • Systems and various parts of Human Body
    • Development and types of Bones
    • Bones of Head and Trunk
    • Bones of the limb
    • Joints and Articulations
    • Structure and action of
    • The Chief Muscles of the Body
    • The Blood
    • The Heart and Blood vessels
    • The Circulatory System
    • The Lymphatic System
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Digestive System
    • The Liver, Biliary System and Pancreas
    • Nutrition and Metabolism
    • Endocrine Glands and Exocrine Glands
    • The Urinary System
    • The Nervous System
    • The Ear
    • The Eye
    • The Skin
    • The Reproductive System

National Health Programmes :- These should be practical internship training for six months as recommended by PCI 1080 hours, after two years successful by course before Diploma Pharmacy is awarded.


Public Health and Hygiene.

Public Health :-
  • History and Development
  • Modern concept of public health and comprehensive health care
  • Various Health Committees and their
  • Five Year plans


  • Allocation for medical and Health
  • Cost analysis of Medial and Health
  • Health and Family Planning Organisations setup at the National

The State, The District and Block levels functions of Primary Health Centre

Diseases :-
  • Definition
  • Concept and
  • Measures and disease frequency investigation of an outbreak and control field trials.
  • Insecticides and resistance, sterilization and disinfection, epidemiological methods and


Ø  Basic Medical Information Drugs & Antibiotics Basic Medical informations, Drugs & Antibiotics their preparation & Uses. :-

  • Kinds of drugs, characteristics of drugs, Balsems, Gums
  • Pharmaceutical Process and Methods
  • General directions on dispensing, weighing and measuring. How prescriptions are written, prescription reading. How to calculate doses  weights  and measures, formulae for converting from one scale to other  abbreviations used  in
  • Doses of drugs, pharmacoepial preparation and their doses, incompatibility, physical, chemical physiological and
  • Suppositories :- How to prepare suppositories of special medicines pessaries, bougies, plasters
  • Ointments, Spray solutions or Nebulas, Inhalations, General rule about preparation of
  • Ordinary bazaar medicines, their recognition, doses and


Ø Records Keeping:


Stores Records & Procedures :- Clerical procedure in the good inward section. Records and procedures in main stores, classification and codification, keeping of stocks books, preparation of indents and methods of storing drugs.


Ø First –AID & Home Nursing : Health Education including different types of Bandages, Emergency Health Care Services, Sterilization process & Disinfection procedures.


  • Outline of the First –Aid
  • Structure and Functions of the
  • Dressing and Bandages (Use of Triangular Bandages and Cotton Roller  Bandage, Rubber Bandage and different types of
  • Cardio- pulmonary
  • Shock


  • Electric Stock
  • Different methods of artificial respiration
  • Asphyxia
  • Fractures and Dislocation
  • Unconsciousness and Fainting
  • Epilepsy and Hysteria
  • Poisons including food poisoning
o   Common Conditions :
  • Foreign body in ear, eye and nose
  • Cramps
  • Frost – Bite
  • Bites and Stings
  • Epistaxis
  • Snake Bite
  • Dog Bite
  • Transport of injured persons
o   Use of Common medicines.


  • Home Nursing

Introduction to Home Nursing :-

  • Nurse
  • Sick Room
  • Bed Making
  • Patient’s Toilet
  • Observation of the Sick
  • Infection
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Diet
  • Medicines
  • Special Conditions & Treatments
  • Bandaging
  • Further Observations
  • Immunity & Infectious Diseases
  • Care of the Aged and Long term patient Person
  • Care of the Mentally Ill Healthy Patient
  • Special Drugs their Control & Administration
  • Preparation of the Patient for Operation and the after care
  • Shock and Blood Transfusion
  • Special Treatment
  • Nursing in Special Diseases
  • The Hospital Services
  • Preparation for Special Treatment
  • Child Birth and Its


Ø  Health Education

  • Health Education Principles, Ethics, Attributes of health educator, essential steps and introduction to the main methods in health education. History


development and growth of health education in India. Various methods of Health Education.


Ø  Sterilization & Disinfection

  • Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Methods etc. Disposal of contaminated Media, Sterilization of Syringes, Glass Wares, apparatus


Ø  Surgical Instruments, their names & uses, Preparation of patient for Operation, Pre & Post Operative patient care:

Surgical Instruments (Their Names & Uses):-


  • Instruments for general
  • Operation of the face and Neck
  • Operations of the Nose, Throat and Ear
  • Opthalmic Surgery
  • Operations on the chest
  • Operations on the Genito – Urinary Tract
  • Gynecological and Obstetric Operations
  • Orthopaedic Operations
  • Neuro-Surgical Operations
  • Operations on the Cascular System
  • Trauma Surgery
Preaparation of Instruments Tray :-


  • Major Procedures Tray
  • Basic / Minor procedures tray
  • Limited procedures tray
  • Thyroid Tray
  • Long Instruments tray
  • Biliary Tract Procedures tray
  • Choledochoscopy tray
  • Basic rigid Signoidoscopy tray
  • Gastrointestinal procedures tray
  • Rectal Procedures tray
Gynecologic and Obstetric Trays :-


  • Dilatation of the Cervix and Curettagge of the Uterus (D&C) tray
  • Cervical Cone Tray
  • Laparoscopy tray
  • Abdominal Hystrectomy tray
  • Caesarian Section tray
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy tray
Genitourinary Trays :-


  • Vasectomy tray
  • Open Prostatectomy tray
  • Kidney tray
  • Thoracic Trays
  • Mediastinoscopy tray
  • Thoractomy tray
  • Pcemaker tray


Cardiovascular Trays :-
  • Vascular procedures tray
  • Vascular shunt tray
  • Cardiac procedures tray
Orthospaedic Trays :-
  • Basic Orthopaedic procedure tray
  • Minor Orthopaedic procedures tray
  • Hip replacement tray
  • Knee or Ankle Anthroscopy tray
Neurologic Procedures Tray :-


  • Craniotomy tray
  • Laminectomy tray
Otorhinolarngologic (ENT Trays) :-
  • Basic Ear procedures tray
  • Nasal procedures tray
  • Myringotomy tray
  • Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Tray
  • Trachestomy tray
  • Antral Puncture tray
Opthalmic Trays :-
  • Basic eye procedures tray
  • Eyelid and Conjunctional procedures tray
  • Basic Eye Muscle procedures tray
  • Dacryocystrohinostomy tray
  • Corneal Procedures tray
  • Cataract Extraction and Lens procedures tray
  • Glaucoma procedure tray
  • Basic Eye procedures Microscope tray
  • Retinal procedures tray
Pediatric Trays :-
  • Pediatric major procedures trays
  • Pediatric minor procedures trays
  • Pediatric Gastrointestinal procedure trays


Ø  Preparation of Patient for Operation, Pre & Post Operative Patient Care:-

Pre-Operative Considerations :-

Psychological support of the Surgical patient.


Protection of the Patient in Surgery :-
  • Admission Procedure
  • Transfer Procedure Position
  • Environmental Controls
  • Electro Surgery
  • Operative Recores
  • Counting Procedure


  • Sterilization
  • Emergencies and Disasters
Safety for Medical Assistant, Pharmacist in a Operation Theatre :-
  • In Service
  • Body Mechanic
  • Fatique factors
  • Radiation Safety
  • Infection Control

Chemical Hazards.

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