JKSSB VARIOUS POSTS JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Dental Technician

JKSSB: Syllabus for the Post of Dental Technician

Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board has advertised various Posts via Notifications 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 of 2019. Syllabus for the Post of Junior Staff Nurse is given as Under:

  • General Human Biology & Disease
  • Elementary Physics and
  • Characteristics of living
  • The Structure of living
  • The Tissues
  • Systems and various parts of human
  • Development and types of
  • Bones of Head &
  • Bones of the
  • Joints and Articulations
  • Structure and Action of muscles
  • The Chief Muscles of the Body
  • The Blood
  • The heart and Blood Vessels
  • The Circulatory system
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Liver , Billary system and Pancreas
  • Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Endocrine Glands and Exocrine
  • The Urinary System
  • The Nervous
  • The
  • The Eye
  • The Skin
  • The Reproductive System

Ø Dental Anatomy & Physiology Pharmacology, Pathology including Microbiology

ü     General & Dental Anatomy

  • Elementary Knowledge of the jaws and teeth, Important between deciduous and permanent teeth. Chronology of eruption , elementary knowledge of occlusion of teeth. Relationship of teeth with investing tissues, muscles of mastication facial expressions and elementary knowledge of temporary mandibular

·        General & Dental Physiology and Histology


  • Elementary knowledge of the structure and function of various dental and oral tissues e.g. gingival, peridontial membrance, alveollan process , cementum, enamel,dentine, mucous- membrance , pulp.
  • Salivary glands and functions of saliya,

Ø General and Dental Pharmacology

  • The Therapeutics drugs commonly used in density and their effects. Practical diagnosis, dispensing of

ü Dental Radiology

  • Technical aspect of Dental Radiograph i.e. the  taking  processing  and  mounting  of Dental Radiographs , Radiation Hazards and protection against

Ø General Dentistry including Oral Surgery

General knowledge of various materials used in Dentistry such as  impression  material, Gypsum products, waxes investing materials and various filling materials temporary and permanent.

ü Chairside Assistants

  • Reception of
  • Lay –out of reception room and Dental Surgery and Hygienist
  • Chairside Assistance and Techniques
  • Local anesthesia and
  • Methods of Sterilization and care of Dental
  • Basic principles in
  • The use of instruments in Dental
  • Examination of Oral Cavity and Charting of teeth
  • Instructions to patients and
  • Maintenance of Dental Unit /

Ø Prosthodontics with Cosmetology

  • Introduction and applied
  • History taking and
  • Simple surgical preparation, impression
  • Selection of
  • Phonetics and anatomical
  • Clasp retained partial denture-plan , treatment, design and
  • Partially edentulous
  • Cennectors- major and minor and functions.
  • Retainers direct and
  • Dentures functions, biomechancis, Survery, diagnosis, planning , partial and temporary relining, resilient lining , aids to retention and


  • Cosmetology and
  • Dental Materials and its

Ø Orthodontics

  • Etiology, Classification and
  • Skeletal maturation, growth, dentition with special reference to
  • Classification of dentofacial abnormalties , anthropometrics,
  • Examination of patient, differential diagnosis and treatment planning .
  • Principle of mechanotherapy

o  Basics about tweed method, twin wire appliance, activators , plates appliances including tissue reaction and evaluation of treatment.

Ø General Hygiene, Nutrition, Community welfare, Conservative & Preventive Dentistry :

ü Dental Hygiene and Oral Prophlaxix –

  • Definition of
  • Objective of Dental
  • Oral prohlyaxis-various
  • Stains on teeth-and their
  • Dental Plague, Dental
  • Brief description and the role of oral Prophylaxis in Gingivitis, Peritonitis

ü  Clinicals –

  • Instruments, technique of Oral
  • Polishing of
  • Topical application of
  • Care of Oral Cavity and appliances during treatment of Maxillo-facial

Ø Conservative & Preventive Surgery

  • Dental Caries-Prevalence and
  • Peridontial Diseases, saliva in relation to Dental Health and
  • Dental Health &Diseases.

Dietary habits and dental Health , Maiocclusion , Oral Cancer.

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