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Tips to understand Maths better

Maths is the highest scoring subject, yet most of the students find it difficult to understand the real-life application of Mathematics. Most students don’t like the subject due to which they pay the least attention to the subject. Maths can be a nightmare to some whereas fun to others. One can either achieve the right solution or not, there is no maybe for the subject.
Many believe that to score well in the subject, one needs to have be extraordinary but this is not true. Students can score well in the subject only when they fall in love with the subject. So here are few tips to enhance your understanding of the subject:

(i) Maintain a register for formulas and theories: The subject of mathematics is all about formulas and theories. So it is really important to jot down all the formulas which would be helpful at the time of practice and also at your last minute revision. Topics like Calculus, Triangle, Circles have many formulas and theorems that one needs a lot of practice to memorize them all.

(ii) Make your own solution: For the subject of mathematics, one can have more than one solution. So in order to have a better understanding of the subject find your own solution. This step will be beneficial at the time of examination also to understand the real-life application of the subject.

(iii) Focus more on Understanding: Mathematics is the subject where students must focus attention on understanding the subject rather than just memorizing the formulas. Understanding is the key to success. So one should try to focus more on understanding which will definitely help to score better.

(iv) Practice more to have masterly skills: A perfect saying says “ Practice makes a man Perfect,” thus in order to have a great understanding of the subject daily maths practice is required.

(v) Figure out the real-life application: The subject of mathematics has real-life application around us but still most of us are unaware of it. All the topics of mathematics have an advanced version which is not taught in schools, but students can learn it from the internet and figure out it’s real-life application which would be helpful in understanding the topic in a much better way. Such as Probability is used in determining the Weather Forecasting etc.
All these tips need to be followed by students in order to have a better understanding of the subject. This will not only help students score well in the subject but also helps them to create something of their own by understanding the real-life use of mathematics.

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