JKSSB Recruitment logo 2 1 JKSSB : Important Notification about special drive of Selection Lists

JKSSB : Important Notification about special drive of Selection Lists

Subject:-Special drive to clear withheld selection lists/recommendations of selected candidates-regarding.

1. Whereas, it has been observed that many candidates selected by the Services Selection Board vide different advertisements have not joined in their respective departments because of some deficiencies viz-a-viz in their documents/certificates; and

2. Whereas, the recommendation of such candidates has been kept ‘withheld’ by the Board; and

3. Whereas, some of the selection lists are on the verge of getting expired (within  one year) on account of the delay in clearance of the withheld cases; and

4. Whereas, it has now been decided by the Chairman, Services Selection Board, that a special drive shall be conducted both at Jammu and Srinagar to clear these withheld cases on spot; and

5. As such, it is hereby being brought to the notice of all candidates whose cases have been kept withheld and whose particulars are given in Annexure “A” and Annexure “B” to this circular to personally attend the office of Chairman, Services Selection Board, on the scheduled date, time and venue as shown in the annexures alongwith their required documents/certificates etc., which have been sought by the Board. They are also free to bring any other relevant paper/document in support of their claim. This shall be last opportunity after which the selection shall be revoked/cancelled.

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