Screenshot 2024 05 12 212039 Enhance Your Banking Workflow with Excel: Caqib Excel Add In v 4.3

Enhance Your Banking Workflow with Excel: Caqib Excel Add In v 4.3

In today’s fast-paced banking environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. From analyzing financial data to conducting complex calculations, banking professionals rely heavily on tools that streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. Excel, with its versatility and widespread adoption, has long been a staple in the banking industry. Now, imagine taking Excel’s capabilities to the next level with a powerful add-in designed specifically for banking tasks.

Introducing the Ultimate Banking Add-In for Excel – a comprehensive toolkit tailored to meet the unique needs of banking professionals. This innovative add-in offers a range of functions and features aimed at simplifying common banking tasks, improving decision-making processes, and ultimately, driving better outcomes.

Get Branch Details

You can get real time branch details like SOL ID, IFSC, Address, Zone Cluster and GPS Location of all branches using this plugin.

Split to Sheets

Split Data from one sheet to many sheets based on the data of a column. This can process lacs of rows in just seconds.

Split to Workbooks

Split Worksheets to Individual Workbooks.

Merge Sheets

Merge Sheets of same format  into one Sheet.

Ultimate Mail Merge

This add-in has a built in Mail Merge that can send individual mails based on each row. The fields that can be customized are below:

  • a. Recipient Mail ID
  • b. Subject
  • c. Attachments
  • d. CC Email
  • e. BCC Email
  • f. Direct Replies (Used if you want the recipients to reply to a different mail ID)
  • g. Importance
  • h. Action (Send / Display / Save Draft)

Convert to PDF

Convert Text Statement file to PDF

Bulk Convert to PDF

Bulk Convert Text Files to PDF

Convert to Excel

Convert Finale Text Statement file to Excel

Bulk Convert to Excel

Bulk Convert Finale Text Statement files to Excel

Generate Amortization Schedules / Calculate EMI

Generate Amortization Schedules based on Loan Amount / ROI / Tenor and Loan Start Date. The same can be exported as Excel / PDF or both.

Spread by Rows Excel Function

Special function that can be used to create a duplicate row based on the data of single column. e.g., if excel file has 15 columns and a single column has values in the format xxx | yyy, the function can create two rows with data in first column as xxx and second column as yyy.

Custom Formulas

Following Custom formulas are built in:

  • Sol2Alpha
  • Alpha2Sol
  • Sol2Branch
  • Sol
  • Sol2Zone
  • Sol2Cluster
  • Alpha2Branch
  • Sol2ZoneCode
  • Sol2ClusterCode
  • SQLData
  • JoinEmail
  • ExtractDigits
  • ExtractDigitsPro
  • CheckValidPAN

Server Update

Server Update Option to update the list of branches automatically via server.

How to Install

  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations and click on Add New Location. Browse for Documents Folder and Click on OK > OK.
  3. Go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings and Enable all Macros
  4. Go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View and Uncheck all elements.
  5. Download the add-in and Extract the file in Documents Folder.
  6. Go to File > Options > Add-Ins. At the bottom of the dialog box, locate Manage option. Select Excel Add-Ins from the drop-down and Click on Go
  7. Click on Browse and Locate the Add in and Click On OK > OK.
  8. You should be able to see a new group in the ribbon above with the name ‘CAQIB’. Click on it and explore the options.

Download Caqib Excel Add-In V. 4.3

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