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ABC, JIT and EOQ-Chunawalla

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Scanned Pages from –PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT by S.A. CHUNAWALLA and D.R. PATEL. No. of Scans : 20 Size: 2.25 MB If you find any problem with the visibility of these pages, request new scans. 🙂 Download zipped files: {filelink=25} Stay updated about Fresh Job Notification in your are. Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe to our …

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Maximum Marks: 100 Semester Examination: 70 Internal Assessment: 30 Contents: UNIT–I: Production and Operations Management- an overview; Nature and scope of Production/ Operations Management; Historical perspective of Operations Management; Operations as a System:- Continuous and Intermittent production system, flow, batch and job type of production; Operations strategy and elements of operations strategy; Facility location: Factors affecting plant location, Brown and …

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